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Hi Guys

Here are the most recent updates to the website – there is very little content change, these are just reflecting the fact that these questions have been asked again recently.

2009a(8)99b(9)97a(14)95b(17) What is meant by 95% confidence interval? Explain the practical applications of CIs and indicate why they may be preferred to P values (Stats)

2009a(11)01a(1)Outline the determinants and regulation of extracellular fluid volume (Renal Physiology)

2009a(12)02a(5)96a(4)Outline the factors contributing to the generation & maintenance of the resting membrane potential (Cell Physiology)

2009a(14)05a(9)00a(6)Describe the physiological processes that influence the rate of gastric emptying (Gastric Physiology)

Hope this is helpful!



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October 25, 2012 at 11:27 am

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