Primary Examination SAQs

Study notes for the ANZCA Primary Examination SAQs

Updated Questions

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Some small (but important) tweaks to some existing questions. Thanks to those with an Eagle Eye!

2005a(16)98a(4) Briefly explain the principles of Doppler US used to measure cardiac output

2008a(7) Describe the terms train of four stimulation & double burst stimulation with respect to peripheral nerve stimulators. Describe their advantages & disadvantages when used to evaluate non-depolarising neuromuscular blockade (NMBD)

2000a(12)96b(14) Outline the pharmacology of oxytocin (Obstetric Pharmacology)

2005a(12) Describe the physiological factors influencing the CO2 tension in arterial blood (Respiratory Physiology)

2000b(6) Briefly outline the physiological control of IOP (Neurophysiology)


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March 4, 2014 at 3:26 pm

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