Primary Examination SAQs

Study notes for the ANZCA Primary Examination SAQs

Local Anaesthetic Agents

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2009a(2)07b(5) Describe the factors which increase the risk of systemic toxicity with amide local anaesthetic agents

2008a(6) A surgeon wishes to use nasal topical local anaesthetic before surgery in a 30yo 70kg man. He normally uses topical cocaine 5% & lignocaine 2% with adrenaline 1:100,000. What volumes of cocaine 5% & lignocaine can be used safely?

2007a(2) After epidural injection in a healthy term pregnant woman, discuss the factors influencing the distribution of bupivacaine to (a) the maternal CSF and spinal cord, (b) the maternal circulation, (c) the fetus

2006a(5)03b(7)00b(13) Write short notes on factors affecting the speed of onset and duration of effects of local anaesthetic agents when used to produce peripheral nerve block

2005b(3) Write brief notes on the physicochemical properties of lignocaine

2004b(2)98b(15) Describe the pharmacology of ropivacaine and explain why it may be considered safer than bupivacaine

2004a(3)00a(16) Briefly describe the factors that determine the skin penetration of local anaesthetic agents. Define eutectic mixture. Briefly describe formulation/pharmacology of EMLA

2003a(3) Explain how lignocaine prevents the conduction of a nerve action potential

2002a(9)99b(11) Outline the toxicity of local anaesthetic agents

2001b(11)97b(10) Describe the required (ideal) pharmacological characteristics of local anaesthetic formulations intended for topical use

1997a(13) List the physicochemical characteristics of bupivacaine. Explain how these influence the pharmacodynamic effects at the site of administration

1996b(13) Outline briefly the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of lignocaine

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