Primary Examination SAQs

Study notes for the ANZCA Primary Examination SAQs

GIT Physiology

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2011a(15)09b(16)04b(13) Describe the functions of the gastric secretions

2010b(16) Outline the clinical laboratory assessment of liver function

2009a(14)05a(9)00a(6) Describe the physiological processes that influence the rate of gastric emptying

2008b(12) Detail the protective & regulatory roles of the liver

2006a(16)02a(8)99b(2)97a(4) Describe the factors that contribute to the competence and tone of the lower oesophageal sphincter

2003b(16) Outline the mechanisms of secretion of HCl by the stomach. Briefly describe how secretion of HCl is controlled

2002b(15) Give a brief account of mechanisms which regulate gastric secretions


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